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Leadership Training

What is it?

We are passionate about inspiring and equipping leaders to change the world. One of the ways we do this is through the courses we provide:

  • Leadership Institute – intensive leadership training course
  • Consulting Institute – a one week intensive course, training influencers how to be more effective as a leader and consultant
  • Joseph Principle – a one day course on financial mastery

Leadership institute

The Leadership Institute is an immersion in the leadership tools, processes, principles that every leader needs at all levels of leadership.

This material is a result of more than 40 years and 50,000 hours spent consulting with over 500 organizations.

To register & find out more, please email or call 604-614-4117.

Joseph Principle

Do you want to be financially healthy, wealthy and debt free? Dan will teach on this and more through the Joseph Principle, in a way you have never heard finances taught before! Even financial experts are amazed by this teaching.

Dan makes finances EASY to understand and shows you how a healthy financial future can be achievable.

*Coming Soon


Consulting Institute

The Consulting Institute is a comprehensive coaching week for major influencers: executive directors, business strategists, founders, team leaders, coaches, consultants and mentors. You can learn in one week the essence of what our team has learned from consultations with over 5,000 executive team members for the past 40 years. You will learn to be more effective as a leader and consultant.

*Coming January 2020

To register & find out more, please email or call 604-614-4117.

Strategic Partnership

We are very excited to have a strategic partnership with Bobb Biehl – a presidential mentor and one of the greatest minds of our generation. Bobb has consulted with presidents of US corporations and organizations for the past 40+ years and has developed over 200 tools for influential leaders and consultants, which we teach in the Leadership Academy and Consulting Institute.


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